Sunday, 10 February 2013

Working on my '30 before 30 list!'

Hi All
No crafting for me this weekend as my sister has been to stay. She is in her final year at Lincoln Uni, studying Law (the clever clogs!), and so didn't have to come too far to visit! We had an exhausting day yesterday in Manchester....we were shopping for a ball gown for her Law Ball coming up in March but we got distracted by a three-storey Paperchase! Heaven! The trip was a successful one though, my hubby had gone for an ice-climbing experience and came back in one-piece which is also a bonus! Here is a pic of me an my sis before we went....can't possibly show you the one on the way home...look far too shattered.....getting too old, can't keep up with her!
As you may know if you have joined me from my old blog, I am turning the big 30 this year so have been working on my 30 before 30 list this weekend! One of my items is to learn how to crochet. My very good friend is going to give me a few lessons (recently saw some fabulous blankets she has made which are just lush!) but I have had a little go using a tutorial on YouTube is what it is looking like so far...I'm quite chuffed with it as it actually looks like crochet! Think I am starting to go wrong when it says add a new line.....may persevere or wait to consult my friend! What do you think? It isn't a very nice coloured wool but it is only to start out at tho mo....
Another thing on my list is to start writing a book, which I have, but I am not revealing much about that at the moment! Lol! I may let you read a snippet at some point but think I need to be a little more into the story before I do....had a few ideas though so may change my mind yet....I have also been looking into studying for my Masters, and there are a couple of jobs that I am going to look into as well....need a change. So quite busy at the moment, not much to show on my blog but all a work in progress!
That is all for now...might go and read a little bit more of 'Devil wears Prada,' one of my 30 books before 30! Lol!
Thanks for visiting.

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