Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A day of SMASHing!

Hi All

Woke up this morning without any MOJO at all...it was lunchtime when I finally pulled myself off the sofa to try and get some crafting done! Luckily....my MOJO seemed to be at the table with all my bits and bobs I'd left out yesterday!

Managed to get some SMASHing done today...I had a brill day with a fab friend yesterday and am looking forward to seeing some great friends tomorrow too so thought I'd do a couple of pages dedicated to them! My friends mean the world to me, it isn't often we see each other, even those that I live by (damn work!) but we always start where we left off and usually are giggling together in no time.

My first page is for a couple of old school friends who have been my best friends for nearly 20 years (gosh that makes me feel old!!) We don't live as close anymore but still keep in touch and it is like we are back at school when the three of us get together! Really looking forward to catching up with them tomorrow :D

My next page is about my lovely friend, and crafting buddy, Becky. Becky was my partner in crime yesterday, a good old gossip, crafty activities and a trip to the fish and chip shop (she is such a bad influence ;) ) We don't always see each other as much as we'd like to....my work usually gets in the way....but I absolutely love her to pieces! This is for you huni!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my SMASH pages....my red book is getting full now! Hoping to do a little more later so may have a few more pages for you. I've started working on a 100 things I love page and have found a fab scrapbook challenge I'd like to have a go at....watch this space!

Thanks for popping by.


  1. Lovely pics not too sure about those pink ones though lolx

  2. love your layouts and especially the friends sentiments look really great with the photo's
    Hugs Kate xx