Saturday, 26 January 2013

Brand new blog adventure!

Hi All

Finally I have managed to create myself a new blog! I have been having major technical issues but hopefully have got rid of the gremlins!

My crafting seems to have moved in a different direction over the past few months. I have found the world of SMASHing which is so much fun, messy kind of style! Love how you can do it however you want and it still looks great, there are no rules! As well as SMASHing, I am loving getting back into scrapbooking and have recently made one on our trip to Canada for my mother-in-law. Will try and share some pictures soon....

I still love cardmaking and I am sure they will crop up from time to time but I wanted to start a fresh with a blog dedicated to my new craftiness!

Hope you will all continue to follow me and I hope to visit lots of new scrapping blogs (as I often need the inspiration!)

Thanks for popping by!


  1. AWESOME!! Look forward to seeing more Scrapbooking and Smashing from you... you do it so well! :D

  2. Welcome! I am looking forward to seeing your scrapbooking.